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  • pedigodanielle

I loved the dark and moody aesthetic of this wedding. Also the groom is my uncle, so that made it even more special. I enjoyed helping Jessica and Gage plan their wedding. Poor Jessica was super sick the day of the wedding so we had to make a lot of changes minute by minute on the day of the wedding. At the end of the day they were married and that is the most important part!

Loved the all black dress. Jessica looked great!

I also loved that they chose to have a first look. I'm a huge fan of first looks. First looks give the couple a chance to have some special time to themselves, gives the photographer extra time for pictures, and gives the couple more time with their guests after the ceremony.

During their ceremony they had a hand fasting ceremony which was really unique and special!

Their cake was from Lily's Cakes and it was of course delicious as all of her cakes are!

I just love her dress! So beautiful.

The bride and her mom made all of their flowers. The colors of her bouquet looked great with her black dress.

Photographer: Trevor Olsen

Catering: Pignetti's


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