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Our first wedding of 2022! What a great couple to start the year off with. Maureen planned her whole wedding in like two months. She and her new husband, Dante, are both in the Navy and during their engagement Dante was stationed in Spain. They had to wait to make wedding plans because they had to get approval for his leave. I think she finally just got started just hoping the leave would get approved because she just couldn't keep waiting. It was a stressful situation and she handled it with so much grace. It was so exciting when he finally got the approval, Not only did she plan everything very quickly, she was also working full time, doing home renovation projects, and a ton of DIY projects for the wedding. She is superwoman.

Something else unique about their wedding is that they had family and friends coming in town from all over the place. Many of their vendors were from out of town as well. Out of their entire guest list I think less than five people were local. It was so sweet to hear about how far everyone traveled to celebrate Maureen & Dante.

It was unreasonably cold the day of their wedding and they had an outdoor ceremony planned. The morning of the wedding we switched everything to inside because it was way too cold to be outside. Luckily she had already rented some draping so we had something to create a pretty backdrop for their ceremony. We had to rearrange all of the tables and chairs because they had all been set already. The catering staff and the staff at her venue were very helpful with flipping the room and everything went smoothly.

Even thought we had to make some adjustments day of their ceremony was really beautiful. Maureen's best friend was the officiant and she did a wonderful job. They also had a cellist for the prelude and ceremony music which was really nice.

Here are some more of the beautiful details from their wedding.

Maureen made all of these dessert stands from thrifted plates and candlesticks. They were all really pretty.

I can't talk about their wedding without mentioning her father-in-law. I have never seen a father with such good dance moves. He was dancing all night long and was so fun!

Maureen and Dante were great to work with and their wedding was so sweet and special. Something about her groom literally traveling across the world to marry her was so romantic. Their wedding was a great way to start 2022 and we are excited about the new year and all of our sweet couples getting married this year!


Photography: Houston Photo Co.

Catering: The Range

Desserts: Josie Kuntson

Hair & Makeup: Lacey Mears

Dress: Amoré Bridal

Boutonnières & Corsages: Cone Flower Designs


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