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Learn a little more about Riley Lou Events

What areas do you service and will you travel?

We are based in Salado!  We are happy to travel throughout the Central Texas area. We love having the opportunity to work at different venues and meet new vendors. We do not charge a travel fee if the wedding location is within a one hour drive. For venues more than an hour away there is a milage fee. Venues more than two hours away require lodging.

Do you work with LGBTQ+ couples?

Of course! Riley Lou Events values inclusion and believes that love is love. We not discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, size, race, or religious beliefs. We are happy to affirm and proudly celebrate each and every couple's unique love story.

What is the difference between a coordinator and a planner?

A wedding planner is going to plan the wedding and guide you through the planning process. A planner will manage vendor selection, help with budget, design, guest experience, and so much more! A wedding coordinator is focused on the logistics of the actual wedding day. Our coordination package will provide support through out the entire planning process, but the majority of our work will be focused on the final stretch before the wedding day. We will create and the manage the timeline for the wedding day. Our packages build on one another so if you book us for a planning package you will also get all of the coordination services as well. 

If I have a venue coordinator do I also need a wedding coordinator?

Absolutely! A venue coordinator is an expert on all things related to your venue. Their job is more focused on the management of the venue. They will manage things related to the venue and things provided by the venue. A wedding coordinator is focused on you and your wedding day. They will coordinate with all of the vendors and be there for you before, during, and after the event. An ideal situation is a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator working as a team to make your wedding day stress free and enjoyable!

Do you only plan/coordinate weddings?

We love celebrations of all sorts! We are happy to plan and coordinate any type of event. Please reach out about any celebration you need help with! 

Are you available for calls, texts, and emails through out the planning process?

We are always happy to answer questions, offer advice, and support you when you need to discuss ideas or vent! All of the packages come with unlimited texts, emails, and calls. Email is the preferred method of communication in order to keep everything organized, but calls and texts are fine as well. 

Why do the package prices say "starting at"?

Our packages having starting prices because each event is unique and has different needs. Larger guest counts or weddings without full service catering can require additional assistants. Package prices can also be affected milage fees. During our initial consultation we will discuss your wedding details and let you know the milage fee and make recommendations about hiring additional assistants if necessary.

Have you worked at our venue before?

We often get this question. Of course having experience at your specific venue can be helpful! However, we LOVE to get to experience new venues! Every time we are hired for a wedding at a venue we haven't worked before we schedule a tour with the venue staff to become familiar with the space and learn about all of the ins and outs of that venue. It is very easy for us to learn a new venue and plan or coordinate an amazing wedding day at a new venue. We also have an amazing community of fellow wedding planners and vendors that we can consult with so we aware of any challenges or tips for specific venues.  We love the opportunity to work at new venues and expand our experience!

If you are curious here is a list of the venues we have experience with: Abel's On The Lake, Addison Grove, Brick and Barrel,  Cathedral Oaks, Hidden River Ranch, Hill Country Bliss, Knoxville Ranch,  La Rio Mansion, La Bonne Vie Ranch, LBJ Wildflower Center, Lone Star Oaks, Ma Maison,  Moon Shadow Haven, Old Bethany, Rancho Mirando, Rustic Acres, Tenroc Ranch, The Arlo, The Cedars Ranch, The Lodge at Harvey 5 Ranch, The Venue at G Bar Ranch, The Venue at Inn on The Creek, The Videre Estate, The Vineyard at Florence, UMLAUF Sculpture Gardens, Vuka North, and Vuka South.

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